Need correct info regarding previous Employer Salary Income Declaration to New Company

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  1. Pankaj T

    Pankaj T New Member

    Can you please confirm which amount need to be declared from Old company salary income to new employer so that Final Tax computation will be done correctly ?
    Is this Total Gross Salary Income or
    Is it Salary after Deductions U/S 10 ?

    My previous understanding is " It should be Salary after Deductions U/S 10".
    The reason behind this is , the allowance exemption given under U/S 10 can not be given by New employer for the period one has worked with Old company so only this Income need to be considered for further Tax computation in New Employee Final salary Income Tax computation sheet .

    Please comment and confirm if my understanding is correct.

    Will Appreciate your help.
    Pankaj T
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