need details regarding STCL adjsutment.

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  1. Suresh Kumar Singh

    Suresh Kumar Singh New Member

    respected Sir,
    i m a salaried employee. I have started trading in equity share market. and in financial year 2014-15 (return for the same not filled till date) i suffered huge loss in share market.
    details are given below:
    1) profit from STCG: Rs. 71328/-
    2) loss from STCG: Rs. 142627/-
    3) speculative profit: Rs. 12911/-
    4) speculative Loss: Rs. 10910/-
    5) Loss from F & O: Rs. 30000/-
    Please let me know the treatment of above......
    a) profit and loss in Short term can be adjusted in same head ???? ( i know it cant be carry forwarded in next yaer as i did not file the return before due date)
    b) my exact speculative profit is near about Rs. 2001/- after adjustment of profit and loss by speculation profit. whether is adjusted to STCL if not then what will be tax rate for same
    c) i hear that F & O losses can be adjusted to any other source of income ( except salary income ).
    i have earn interest from fd and rd and also a commission income, whether F & O loss is adjusted with the same
    please let me know so i can file my return
    thanks n regards
    suresh singh
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