Need Expert advice on Investment !!!

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  1. deepakisjoshi

    deepakisjoshi New Member

    Dear Sir,

    My mother has recently got her PF amount of Approx. 7 lacs after reliving from the job, I need your advice that where we should invest this money so that it can grow faster in max. in 5-6 yrs (with tax deduction rebates) as my Mother age in 59 yrs at present, she will be 60 in January'2017.

    Kindly advise accordingly.​


    Deepak Joshi
  2. agrawalmadhuri154

    agrawalmadhuri154 New Member

    Hello every one In the stock market mainly For the short term trader or long term investor interested in predicting stock price the use of the best Investment Advisor Sebi As described sooner, there's plenty of factors that triggers the price fluctuations. So, to make the right prediction, therefore, you have to decide, which stock /shares are good prices. Again, you have to consider, several factors that contribute to the price downturn, so that you can identify which frequently come to play. Option Trading Tips In India Thus, it helps in evolution your decision making process. So, waste time no more! Probe into these tricks months before you get readily busy in the stock market business. Always remember that stock trading is interesting and though, it's unpredictable, once you have the knowledge, making predictions will be easier than ever.
  3. Adil Lakhany

    Adil Lakhany New Member

    First of all, I would say that you need to be very careful with investment. It is too easy to get into greed mode and think I could turn 7 lacs into 15 or 20 quickly, but it is not easy. It is vital not to put money into any get rich quick scheme because nothing like exist that is really getting you rich instead it will only turn you poor. I have been doing Forex trading for last 8 years or say, it has not been overnight success for me. But, I have managed to gain profit consistently with fairly low amount that’s 1k, I work with Alpari which benefits me big time with having 99% Deposit Bonus and if you are starting up then you could perhaps look here, it can be perfect for you.
  4. Jacky Chen

    Jacky Chen New Member

    I think it is very fair to say that Forex is indeed the business to work on. If we want to make good money then this is one business that you can do through. I operate with OctaFX broker and they guide me extremely well. This is especially to do with the long list of features and facilities with having small spreads at 0.1 pips for all major pairs, fast execution, and deposit bonus and much more, it’s all picture perfect.
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