Need Help,. In Trust - Income Tax Liability Determination

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    VAIBHAV DILIP RANE Active Member

    Trust -
    > Not registered under any Section of Income Tax Act.
    > Works only for Educational Purpose in Rural Part of State,
    > i.e. Runs College in Rural Part of Maharashtra

    > For AY 2013-14.
    > Deficit is of Rs. 398,003 which is include of FD Interest Rs. 110,902 as per Income & Expenditure A/c.

    > My Questions are...

    1) If I show FD Int under "IFOS" separately, than do I have to pay tax on FD Int @ 30% under virtue of Section 164(2) or Maximum Marginal Rate.
    2) Or Simply I have to file a Loss Income.
    3) Under which section or chapter do I have to show the Loss of above.

    4) Mainly, how exactly the Presentation should works...
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