Non filing of form112. Urgent suggestion required.

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  1. N.Lavanya

    N.Lavanya New Member

    I registered articles in october 2013. At the time of registration,my principal did not allow me to continue my distance graduation. He neither signed form 112 nor allowed me to write exams. I took termination from him. My new principal agreed for continuance of the distance degree. I enquired formalities from icai,chennai stating the above reason.They said that as i started course under my old principal, icai requires evidence from old principal for late filing of form 112. He must also approve reason for my delay. I said i am not in contact with him,and he will not support me. But they cut my call. I cannot send form112 as it involves old principal approval. I dont want to discontinue my course as i will complete distance degree in may2015 and i want to start CS in june15. Is sending form112 that mandatory for distance degree,i will not attend classes na? Can i disclose my degree in interviews? Please give your suggestion.
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