Non-taxable Income but Notice received for Non-filing of ITR

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  1. Shaily Jaiman

    Shaily Jaiman New Member

    Dear sir,
    my grand mother has income in form of FD interest of Rs.137690 in the FY 2013-14 and some share transaction income which has a capital loss of worth Rs.7385.07 and a long term capital gain of Rs.6308 which is exempt in Sec 10(38).now income tax department sent her a notice that why she has not filed a return in pls suggest to offer best answer to department.
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  2. Piyush Chawla

    Piyush Chawla Active Member

    You can simply mention that her income is below the minimum amount chargeable to tax.
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    ANCHAL SONI New Member

    I have a demat account and sale purchase of shares and earned rs. 15000 and i received a notice by post u/s 143(1) for non filing the return for 2013-14 so tell me what i do.
  4. Sudipto123

    Sudipto123 New Member

    As mentioned by Piyush above - you can tell them that as your income is less than the minimum amount chargeable to tax - no tax is applicable and therefore you didnt file the income tax return
  5. prasaddv

    prasaddv New Member

    you should mention the income will be under below tax

    ANCHAL SONI New Member

    Sir can a firm file itr u/s 44 ad for the year 2015-16-17 and claim interest on capital and partner salary expenses

    ANCHAL SONI New Member

    sir kindly give me reply
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