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  1. Vijay Mohta

    Vijay Mohta New Member

    1. I want to know how much we can invest in NPS (for tax benefit) after getting deduction of Rs. 150000/- in 80C, (Through PF etc).
    2. Some body told me that, we can invest Rs.50000 + 10 % Of basic (through employer) in NPS that means we can have maximum deduction in income tax like this-
    I. 80C Rs. 150000/- (one lac fifty thousand)
    II. NPS Rs. 50000/- (fifty thousand)
    III NPS (employer) 10 % of Basic.

    Total comes to 150000+50000+10% of Basic.

    Sir Kindly guide me as i am a salaried employee.

    Vijay Mohta
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