Operation rules of capital gain A/C

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  1. Sandeep Mahant

    Sandeep Mahant New Member

    We have sale my ancestral property in Nov.2012 & plan to purchase open plot & construct it before 3 yrs. frm the date of property sale, so we had been open capital gain A/C & transfer amount. In june 2014 we have purchase open plot (break FD frm Capital gain fixed account). we want to know what are the available option for third party payment ? & how we will maintain all bills including miscellaneous expenses? what are cash / transaction per day limit from capital saving A/C ? i.e mode of payment like dd, cash limit , RTGS, online thired party A/C To A/C transfer and much more.... Pls provide proper solution for the above & advice for the same ASAP.

    Sandeep Mahant
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  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    1. At the time of withdrawl, you would be asked about the purpose of withdrawl. The amount withdrawn has to be used for the specified purpose within 60 days.

    2. There is no limit as such regarding the amount that can be withdrawn everyday.

    3. Keep Invoices of all Payments.

    4. Payment can be in any form provided that you have the proper Invoice for the same.
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