Options for working as a contractor for abroad customer from India

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  1. newera

    newera New Member

    Hi There

    I would like to understand the best options available in terms of tax planning as well as where to pay taxes

    Basically I am from India, but converted British Citizen and now temporary relocating back to India due to some personal reasons.

    At the moment, my company is not releasing me from work in UK and they expect me to work as a contractor working remotely when I am in India. This is only a temporary arrangement until they find a replacement, but not sure how long it will take.

    Meantime, I want to understand the best options available for getting paid.

    1. UK company directly paying as an employee - but they cannot do as they dont have a branch or office in India.

    2. Working for them as a contractor from India - challenges are how to get the payments and wire transfers etc as it might create extra load to HR and also there are lot of other problems like exchange rates etc

    3. I have a limited company in UK and I can still maintain that as a director being non-uk resident also. I can ask my company to pay to that limited company and shelve all the taxes here in UK and get the final amount transferred to India after all taxes. Not sure if I still need to pay tax in India (like double tax)

    So I want to understand which is the best and efficient way of planning income and tax

    Thank you
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