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  1. prasaddv

    prasaddv New Member

    Hi, I have a problem regarding my personal finance. I am doing a job at one of the reputed MNC company and previously i had taken a loan of 3 lacs. i didn't able to pay off the money in time but i did it bit late. Now i am thinking to get another loan. The past loan effect will be effected on my Credit score. If it is how can i get the loan?

    Please suggest me is there any solution for comparing the interest rates between the top banks.. Please help me.
  2. veennasaa

    veennasaa New Member

    letzbank offer many things with lowest emi , roi ,with nil foreclosure charges ,compare with different banks and check your eligibility all this happen in a single portal apply today at Letzbank
  3. Padam Chhabra

    Padam Chhabra New Member

    Hi Prasaddv,
    Its true that your cibil would be effected from your past loan. You should work on your cibil plus you are thinking for another loan, so now you should go for NBFC's. If you wanna go for a bank only then the problem would only be in the rate of interest. For a better guidance, you can go for online portals like Dialabank and deal4loans.
  4. Rohan Madaan

    Rohan Madaan New Member

    @prasaddv Your financial track do affect the CIBIL Score. First, you should check your CIBIL Score. If the score is not good then you will have to pay higher interest rates. And it will be difficult to get a loan from a bank. It would be better to get a loan from an NBFC.
    I hope this helps.
  5. agrawalmadhuri154

    agrawalmadhuri154 New Member

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