Plz provide original calculation rate of Service Tax on under construction property.

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  1. Dr P K Mukherjee

    Dr P K Mukherjee New Member

    I am going to purchase 2 BHK flat at Godrej Prakriti , Sodepur, Kolkata. They have given Receipt ( R. No,: 3200000064 dated : 29-4-2016) against my payment of Rs. 382790/- ( Cheque No. 492673) and Another one ( R. No. : 3200003105 dated 18-02-2016) against Rs. 213638/- ( cheque No. 492672) towards 20% payment against purchase of GODREJ PRAKRITI Vindhachal 201 (as per agreement) (enclosed) . However they have not mentioned the service tax amount in two of their receipt. . They are deducting ST @4.5% instead of 3.75% .I have shown some document (download from net) against calculation of service tax deduction on under construction property where ST of underconstruction property is written as 3.75%. which one is right? is it 4.5% or 3.75% against 800sq.ft flat.
  2. ZED

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