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  1. vsr murthy

    vsr murthy New Member


    My client is a RMP Doctor in practice. Does his income from practice come under SEC 44 ADA under medical Profession notified by CBDT. How to show his income from practice. Also the incomes of Homeopathy Doctor, private poojari/purohit, tax consultant can be shown under Sec 44 ADA, if not how to show their income?
  2. Member

    Professionals with a technical certificate of their profession as specified u/s 44AA(1) who are eligible to opt for taxation u/s 44ADA are listed as under:

    • Legal


    • Engineering

    • Architecture

    • Accountancy

    • Technical consultancy

    • Interior decoration

    • Other notified professionals

    - Authorized representatives

    - Film Artists

    - Certain sports related persons

    - Company Secretaries and

    - Information technology

    Since your client is covered under medical profession, he can opt for 44ADA for his Income tax provided the gross receipts from his profession doesn't exceed Rs. 50 Lakhs.
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