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  1. VaseeRAJA

    VaseeRAJA New Member

    Dear Experts,

    All of you இனிய காலை வணக்கம்... (Good Morning in Tamil),
    I'm doing Accounts and Tax Consulting works in my own office. Office opened on 01-Aug -2016. No more registration get in my Office. I'm worked some offices for accountant and Worked under Some Chartered Accountants.
    My requirements of
    1. How to register my office?
    2. 'Udyog AAdhaar' registering available or not?
    3. How to create bills, Letter head and Office seal (Rubber Stamp)
    4. My own profession are available or Not?
    5. If in future i have any notices from Govt.?
    6. How to Become a Tax consultant with my qualification?

    Note: My Qualification only 12 (discontinued My UG degree)
    Dear Experts please solve my questions briefly...,

    Thanks & Regards
  2. nikhil9090

    nikhil9090 Member

    Where you want to setup your company.
    Registering a startup or a new business in India first and foremost one has to go, by there are some official procedures a startup or a company has to follow in order to register them in Indian official records, MCA(ministry of corporate affairs) has to made registration process online few years back.
  3. Company Formation

    Company Formation New Member

    Registration Process..
    Step 1 - Obtaining Direct Identification Number (DIN)

    Obtain Directors Identification Number (DIN) for proposed Directors of the new Company
    3 -5 Days

    Can be performed simultaneously with step 2

    Step 2 - Obtaining Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
    Obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for at least one of the proposed Directors
    1 -3 Days

    Can be performed simultaneously with step 1

    Step 3 - Checking Name Availability
    Select 6 names in order or preference
    2 -6 Days

    File Form 1A with the ROC for proposed name approval

    Step 4 - MOA/AOA and Forms
    Drawing up of the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
    Getting the appropriate persons to subscribe to the Memorandum (a minimum of 7 for a public company and 2 for a private company)
    Preparing other Forms to be filed with the ROC

    7 Days

    Step 5 - Stamping
    Make an application to the Superintendent of Stamps or an authorized bank requesting for stamping of the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.
    1 Day

    Step 6 - Filing with Registrar of Companies (ROC)
    Present the required documents along with the registration fee to the Registrar of Companies to get the certificate of incorporation.
    1 Day

    Step 7 - Certificate of Incorporation and Company Seal
    Receipt of Certificate of Incorporation of the Company
    3 -4 Days

    Obtain a company seal

    Step 8 - Certificate of Commencement of Business (only for public company)
    Obtain Certificate of Commencement of Business from the ROC in case of a public company
    15 Days
  4. VaseeRAJA

    VaseeRAJA New Member

    Dear Experts,
    This is not my requirements... please tell my doubts
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