Proprietorship: Can it be registered from a different state?

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  1. Arvind Singh Jeena

    Arvind Singh Jeena New Member

    Hi, I am currently working in Mumbai as a designer. I am planning to register a proprietorship firm for creative works/Design, which comes under service industry. I intend to operate the the firm from Mumbai. I am struggling due of the lack of a registered address proof of my local residence. Is it legally possible to register a Proprietorship firm from a different state in India, while operate it in a different place. Also, being in service industry, am i liable for any other taxes besides ST and IT which restricts you to do your business locally. Please help.

    Thank you
  2. Anand Jain

    Anand Jain Member

    As you are in the service industry, you can register the firm in some other city while operate from other city.

    Only Service Tax and Income Tax would be applicable on you.
  3. Arvind Singh Jeena

    Arvind Singh Jeena New Member

    Thanks a lot Anand for the prompt reply. I just have a two more queries, if you could help me out further. How much time does registering a proprietorship typically take? And what would be the charges for end to end process?

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