Pursuing ACCA - UK instead of CA from India?

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  1. Garima Sachdeva

    Garima Sachdeva New Member

    I wanted to ask that i am at the verge of a difficult stage of CA like all other students.I wanted to ask that whether i can do ACCA with CA as its my third attempt...please let me know as i dont want to give more years to CA due to d decreasing pattern of result..i want to persue this course as a safe option too...can i enroll for ACCA if its a good career option and holds scope in india and will it be advatageous as i m also gettng exemptions in that course from my CA course??
  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    ACCA is a difficult course and the employment opportunities are also not much in India.

    I would rather advise you to start searching for some Job and appear for your CA exams alongside.
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