Query regarding applicability of Service Tax

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  1. Rajesh Singh

    Rajesh Singh New Member


    I have one question if one person A is in between B and C ,where B is a company in foreign ,and C is working with 30 Emp in India . Whatever C generates revenue , those entire revenue comes in B account . As B and C don,t have direct relation , B transfer total revenue (After deducting 10% of entire revenue ) to A account and A in india transfer entire revenue to C account (After deducting 15% of received revenue to C account .

    Now my question is what is the service tax liability of A . Because flow of money would be more than 10 lakh per month ,though A will transfer to C where C will pay salary ,rent and many other things .

    What would be the service tax liability to A B C .

    Please guide me
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