Query regarding deductions under80E

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  1. manas raj

    manas raj New Member


    I have to file my tax returns. Under 80E can i file deductions for the purpose of education loan.

    But the thing is - the loan is taken by my father and is his name and not mine. My father took it for my higher studies.

    However i am fulfilling the principal/interest for the loan to the bank now that i am earning.

    Still can i show in my returns and claim deductions ?

    Any assistance to my query will be appreciated.

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  2. Chandrashekar M

    Chandrashekar M Active Member

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  3. manas raj

    manas raj New Member

    Thanks Chadra for your input.
    Much appreciated.
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  4. manas raj

    manas raj New Member

    Hi Chandrashekar,

    My sincere apologies, i did not mean to offend you by any way. I did not notice your seniority and experience before responding, it was done in a quick second, just reading your reply.

    I just read one article from your blog, nice and informative about taxes etc. Quite helpful for people like us who has little knowledge about Taxation related rules.

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