query regarding income tax beneffit on home loan

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  1. Pravin Gupta

    Pravin Gupta New Member

    This is Pravin Gupta.
    I purchased a house in 2011 for which the home loan is on the name of me and my wife.
    But for the purpose of saving registration amount I did the registry of home on the name of my wife only.
    Till last economic year me and my wife both were getting income tax rebate on home loan repayment 50 % each.
    But this year the accountant of my company refused to give tax benefit to me saying that my name is not in the registry of house so they will not consider it for me.

    then I searched internet and came across your website where I read your article on home loan.
    My queries are

    1. Am i not eligible for taking IT benefit of this home loan in which me and my wife both are applicant.

    2. I read on your article that both the co-applicants are eligible to take complete benefit separately (100% each). So i want to know can i reclaim of ITR as we both were taking only 50% each benefit for last two years.
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