Query Regarding Notice from Income Tax Department

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  1. Dhiraj Suvarna

    Dhiraj Suvarna New Member

    Hello Experts,

    My father owns a small shop and has recently received a notice from Income Tax Department (attached is a picture copy of the notice).

    Following are the details:
    1. Type of Establishment: Small Shop selling chocolates, biscuits and general small packed items (no grocery)
    2. Monthly Income: round about Rs 5000
    3. ITR Filed Previously: None

    My father does not mantain any receipts nor does he do any kind of book-keeping.

    Following questions are creating havoc in my mind
    1. Why was this notice sent now? (I am not able to comprehend to this fact)
    2. What should be my course of action now?

  2. Piyush Chawla

    Piyush Chawla Active Member

    1. It takes a lot of time for the income tax dept to send notices.
    2. Many people have received such a notice. You can simply mention in the reason that your income is below the taxable limits and therefore not liable to file income tax returns.
  3. Dhiraj Suvarna

    Dhiraj Suvarna New Member


    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I would also wish to clarify, that the notice is purely related to the income generated by the Shop and not by the Invidual i.e my Father.

    I have raise this question because he has one other source of income i.e I pay him the rent for the house.
    So will replying to the notice with the reason that income is below the taxable limits suffice?
  4. Piyush Chawla

    Piyush Chawla Active Member

    If you are paying rent to your father - then that income would also be included in his total income.

    You'll have to see if his total taxable income after including rent is below the minimum amount exempted from the levy of tax or not.
  5. Dhiraj Suvarna

    Dhiraj Suvarna New Member

    Yeah Piyush, his income then will be greater than the minimum amount exempted, so he will have to pay the tax.

    But the notice by ITD is in the name of the shop, so I am assuming that it will only be concerning regarding the income generated by the shop. Am I right?
  6. Dear Sir I want to now that how notice come in the name of biz as we file return on our own name (sole proprietor).
    Should we reply them regarding notice online or by physically.
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  7. Dhiraj Suvarna

    Dhiraj Suvarna New Member

    Yeah, this is what got me confused, can someone validate if this is a valid case?
  8. Dhiraj Suvarna

    Dhiraj Suvarna New Member

    I found out that these kind of notice are given to all the Shops and Establishments in Mumbai with the help of data with BMC, and hence the owner name is now given in the notice.

    However, we can mail to the given mail address with the details in the prescribed format,
    If you are not elgible to pay the tax, mention "Income is below the taxable limit" and if you are liable to pay tax, then file the returns and give the appropriate detail.
  9. Sohil Popat

    Sohil Popat New Member

    Kindly check PAN for which the notice is issued, as income is calculated and ITR is filled with reference to 'PAN' assessee is having. If notice issued mentioning PAN of your father than income from shop & Rent Income both would be liable to tax.
  10. Rk.kottura

    Rk.kottura New Member

    this notice has come due to you are bank transactions have notable. pls go and check or conduct me. we have to online port.which reason.
    me_ [email protected]
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