Query Regarding RGESS Scheme benefit u/s 80 CCG

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  1. Rohan1034

    Rohan1034 New Member

    Hi All,

    I am a new retail investor and I am fulfilling the all the criteria mentioned in the RGESS scheme.
    Now I am planning to Invest in Scheme . I have few query regarding the tax exemption which can be claimed under RGESS scheme u/s 80 CCG.
    1) If I invest in RGESS Eligible ETFs and hold the Units in my Demat a/c for 3 consecutive FY , can I claim Tax exemption from my Taxable Income for all 3 Years while filling ITR?

    2) To claim Tax exeption for all 3 years do I need to Invest for Max 50000 INR in All 3 FY? Or I can Invest In 1 FY and claim tax benefit for all 3 FY including the initial year of invest in ETFs?

    Please Clarify my doubts.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Rohan Kumar Das
  2. Sudipto123

    Sudipto123 New Member

    You can claim the deduction only in the year of Investment.
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