Question on exemption of Rs.15000 against medical bills

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  1. Shankar Guru

    Shankar Guru New Member

    My dad is senior citizen (73 years) and his annual income falls in the 10% income tax bracket. He is retired. Is the exemption of Rs.15,000 against medical bills applicable to my dad as well?

    VAIBHAV DILIP RANE Active Member

    * If a person has received any Medical Allowances, forming part of Salary,
    Then Amt Recd as Medical Allowances or Medical Expenditure paid, which ever is less, is Exempt. u/s. 10(14)

    * If a person paid a Medical Insurance Premium (Mediclaim) for insuring life of Self / Spouse / Children,
    Then Deductions is allow under section 80D, as under,
    If Insured is Senior Citizen Parent than Rs. 20,000
    If Insured is not a Senior Citizen than Rs. 15,000
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  3. guptaalok100

    guptaalok100 New Member

    But if the polices taken and certificate provided by the company is in the name of wife , then whether it can be claimed by the husband?

    VAIBHAV DILIP RANE Active Member

    Whether It is a Medical Insurance Policy or Life Insurance Policy,...

    Policy may be in any Name or person Insured may be any one,...

    But Important is who is paying the Premium; one Who pays the Premium gets Benefit of Deductions,...

    Person - must in Relation as context to Sec. 80C and 80D,...
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