Rebate under Section 80ccd for GPF Account

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  1. BiswajitSilchar

    BiswajitSilchar New Member

    Dear Expert Sir,
    I am a state govt. employee since 1994 & is covered under GPF & defined pension Scheme. Govt has announced 50000/- additional investment in NPS over & above 1.5 Lakh under 80c etc. Does this investment is applicable to the GPF subscriber also? If so what are the steps to enter in NPS & which tier of NPS.
    Regards Biswajit.
  2. Yatin Gandhi

    Yatin Gandhi Active Member

    No, this Deduction is not available for GPF and is only available for NPS Account

    You can open the NPS Account with any of the banks which are authorised to do so
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