Received a wrong notice from Income Tax Dept

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  1. Hello,
    Please note that , we have received a notice from IT department to our home address , saying that a high value transaction (Selling Property etc,) was done on énd of July 12 .

    Please note that In fact we have not done any such transaction during that time.

    Pls advise how we can respond back to IT department , can we send a letter to them or send a electronic e-mail to IT department mentioning that "No Such Transaction was done by us on that time".

    Pls can you advise urgently.

    S K Roy Chaudhuri
  2. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    You can login to your account on the income tax e-filing website and this notice would be visible in your account under head Pending Actions.

    You can respond to this notice online itself and in your response - mention that you have not done any such transaction

  3. Thanks for your reply ,
    Pls note that we have received the paper notice and it is not appearing in the Pending action list .
    Letter says , we need to connect this transaction with our PAN number , this transaction was not done at all .
    can we send them a e-mail ?

    Have Attached a document , which says how to respond . As per this document we need to attach the high value transaction with our PAN number. This transaction was not done by us at all. Our worry is that , we will be wrongly connect our PAN no to this transaction which we have not done at all.
    Our question is that can we send them a mail , mentioning that this transaction is not conducted by us ?
    can you pls advise ?

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  4. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    If it is not appearing online - then the best option in this case would be to visit the Income Tax Office and meet your income tax officer.

    Tell him your case, give him an application in writing and take a receiving on the photocopy of the application for correction
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