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    I came across the write-up " all about service tax...". It was very helpful. I have a few clarifications. I am a consultant and have started my services on June 1st 2016. The total value of my services will be 10 lakhs only after 8 months or so. Please clarify- a) if I need to pay ST only after the value is 10 lakhs. b) Will the amount of ST be prorated from June for all the 8 months or do I need to pay whatever is the value every month from lets say the 9th month. c) Does this also mean that I collect ST from my client only after the value reaches 10 lakhs and not before that?


    You need to apply registration with in 30 days when turnover exceeds Rs 9 lakhs. You need to charge service tax on invoice after turnover crossed 10 lac limit
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    Thank you for clarifying the same
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