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  1. Rashid Khan

    Rashid Khan New Member

    I purchased a flat in March 2012 in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Agreement Date 31st March 2012. I have just encountered a thread from Hindustan Times saying people who purchased flat during 2011-2012 can claim refund for Service Tax paid.
    This is mentioned in this link:

    I have spoken to the builder and he said that he had not received any notification so far.

    I am looking for the assistance that how to get this refund. Please guide me.
    Rashid Khan
  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    Judgement attached.
    In that judgement, the court directed the refund to the petitioners.
    The builder should ask for refund from govt. But I doubt he would be interested in taking that headache.

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