Registration for IPCC through Direct Entry after 6th Semester

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  1. Nikhil889

    Nikhil889 New Member

    Sir, My name is Nikhil aggarwal and I am a CPT student.My attempt is in December. I want to know that if I want to opt for direct Entry scheme What's the procedure.
    1. Can a existing CPT student pursuing final year Of can opt for direct Entry scheme(Provisional Registration)???
    2.My Final year will start from July 2015.Can I then register for Ipcc under direct entry scheme(Semester system of And when I have to submit Marksheet to ICAI ,Can i send it semester wise or I have to send it jointly??
    3.In notification it is written that "By studying any of following exams of 100 marks".Do I only need to secure minimum 55% based on those 3 exams or on the basis of all subjects in graduation.??And what if paper is of 50 marks maximum(In my university).

    Sir,Please answer these questions.Will be very thankful to you.
  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    1. Yes, you can convert yourself from CPT to Direct Entry Scheme
    2. Although, you can register for Direct Entry Scheme while you are in the final year of graduation but your Articleship will start only after completion of the 3rd year
    3. You can send the semester wise marksheet at time of registration and final year marksheet at a later stage
  3. Nikhil889

    Nikhil889 New Member

    Thanks. But Please can you clarify me that requirement of 'any 3 subjects from below'. I can't understand what that clearly means.Do I need to score 55% only on basis of these 3 subjects or on the aggregate of all 3 years including all subjects??And subjects in my university is worth 50 marks not 100.

    And it is necessary to send mark sheet at time to registration or I can send it directly after 6th semester result is declared i.e final marksheet
  4. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    1. Apply for Registration for Direct Entry only once you have cleared the 6th semester exams and are officially in the final year of graduation
    2. 55% Marks criteria is the average marks for all the 3 years
  5. achu

    achu New Member

    sir,i am doing my final semester haven't cleared the cpt exams.can i register for ca ipc last semester exams will begin in march 2015.
  6. Naithik

    Naithik New Member

    Sir ,
    For IPCC registration after bcom do I need to submit all 6 semester mark sheet or final years mark sheet?

    Plz reply me soon sir
    Thank you
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