Relief u/s 89 of the Income Tax Act

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    I am a retired officer(DOB: 22/12/1945) of an All India Service and retired on superannation on 31.12.2005, the day prior to the date of implementationof 6CPC.
    Such pre -2006 retirees of GOI have received arrear pension for the period 01.01.2006-23.09.2012 in the FY 2015-16.
    I am giving below required data for calculating relief u/s 89 of the Income Tax Act,1961. I myself have done it, but want to know if that is correct or not. I would be grateful if any expert in this matter takes the trouble and inform me.
    (1)FY (2)Amt of arrear (3)Taxable income of (4)Tax paid on the Amt
    relating the FY excluding in col(3) at the relevant
    to the FY(Rs) arrear (Rs) time (Rs)
    2005-06 7300 348470 55632
    2006-07 44716 220690 19521
    2007-08 47526 240823 22831
    2008-09 50662 327276 21069
    2009-10 55700 542738 68827
    2010-11 62464 430147 19589
    2011-12 68696 534919 32944
    2012-13 41482 493387 25078
    During FY 2015-16 my taxable income excluding arrear is Rs. 631839 and including arrear of the above eight FYs is Rs. 101045
    My own calculation shows that there will be a benefit of Rs. 4614 u/s 89 if the arrear is spread over the previous years.
    I want to know if my calculation is correct or not.
    Please bear in mind that I became a Sr citizen during FY 2010-11 on turning 65 yrs.
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