Resident Status Under IT

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  1. Ravi W

    Ravi W New Member


    I want to know my Resident Status as per Income Tax for last FY (2014-15) and next Financial Year (2015-16).

    I went out of India for employement during the month of Sept'14 but came back on vacation for a month, due to which i stayed in India for more than 183 days in FY 2014-15.

    I would be winding my assignment and moving back in mid Sep and would be out of India for around 165 days in next FY (2015-16), but for Income Tax of my employment country, I would have a resident status as the financial year is same as calendar year.

    What would be my Resident Status as under Income Tax rules for last and current FY.
    Can anyone help me on this.
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