Revised Return for Assessment Year 2012-13

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  1. umesh thorat

    umesh thorat New Member

    As per my Form 16 for the Assessment Year 2012-13, i was having Income Tax of Rs.7908/- payable. I paid amount of Rs.7958/- on 31-07-2012 and joined the receipts of the same while filling the return manually. In September 2014 my Employer (Mumbai Municipal Corporation) deducted an amount of Rs.7908 and Rs.2134/- towards balance of IT & Interest respectively , for the Assessment Year 2012-13. When i told them that i had already paid the amount in July 2012, i was told to file a revised return and claim for this newly deducted amount for the Assessment Year 2012-13. I am filling Online Returns since Assessment Year 2013-14. My questions are:
    1 ) Till what time i can file this Revised Return ?
    2 ) Can i file it Online Return as earlier original return was filed manually ?
    3 ) Whats the procedure to file the same ?
    4 ) Please inform me any additional information if any.

    Thanking You
    umesh thorat

    VAIBHAV DILIP RANE Active Member

    @umesh thorat sir,

    For AY 2012-13, the return might get processed by the ITO by this time, you are required to file a Rectification Application u/s. 154 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 with your respective jurisdictional ITO and ask him to make the changes.

    You will get Refund for excess tax paid by you for that year.
  3. umesh thorat

    umesh thorat New Member

    Thank You Sir for your reply.
    Kindly inform me how to do Rectification Application u/s 154. Can i do it online ? Kindly specify.
    umesh thorat
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