Sale deed preparation rate

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  1. Shalam

    Shalam New Member


    I have purchased an under construction flat from seller, lets call him A.

    A had purchased this flat with an Agreement of Sale from the builder and the property is still not registered. Thus, I am buying it from A and the transfer has been done by the builder from A to me.

    When the sale deed will be prepared by the builder, should it be done at the
    1) booking rate ?
    2) circle rate ?
    3) the rate at which the builder is going to get the registration done (which is more than the circle rate)

    When I told the builder to prepare the sale deed at 3), the builder says that for difference between the 3) and booking rate amount, I will have to pay him the tax that he has to pay to the govt.

    The sale agreement between me and A is at the rate at which the registration will be done.

    Please help!!!!
  2. Basheer khan

    Basheer khan New Member


    Until construction is not done u dont become as owner under tax purpose and u should ask builder what tax ur asking money as u should pay 1% of total amount as tax to govt ex 1lakh is value u should pay 90k to seller and 10k to govt and what is neccessary builder to pay tax
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