Sale of Lease Hold Land by the Company

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  1. Shital

    Shital Member

    The Company had Acquired Lease hold Land (99 Years) of Maharashtra State Goverment in The Year 1984-15 (Financial year 1984 - 85) at Rs. 6,5000/=

    The Company has constructed Building on it and the Depriciated value of the Building is Rs. 1,89,000/=

    The Company has transfereed aforesaid Lease hold Land alongwith Building at Rs.145,00,000/- on 25.03.2016 to another person.

    What would be the capital Gain on it. Can we save capital Gain by purchasing another Property.

    Is ther any way to save Tax on aforesaid transaction.

    Kindly suggest,

    [email protected]
  2. Shital

    Shital Member

    Sorry for the same.

    Many many thanks for your valuable input.

    such thinkgs will not be reapeted in future.
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