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    There are 10 secretarial standards (SS) released by the Secretarial Standards Board (SSB). Here is the short elaboration of Secretarial Standards.

    1. SS-1: This standard lays down set of principles which should be followed by company while conducting various meetings of BOD.

    It is related with Frequency of meetings, Quorum, attendance, disclosure of annual report, Responsibilities of board Chairman etc.

    2. SS-2: This Standard is related with General meeting.

    It Cover: Quorum, voting, Proxies, poll, resolutions, keeping of Minutes etc.

    3. SS-3: This Standard is one of most important cause it deals with the issue of owners of the company ‘Stakeholders’. This standard deal with the issues of dividends it covers whole part of dividend.

    It includes Such as: declaration of dividend, interim Dividends, Dividend Warrants, trtement of unpaid dividend etc.

    4. SS-4: SS-4 deals with the rules and principles for carrying various kinds of registers which are mandatory by law as well such as register of members, register of debenture holder etc. This includes the maintenance of these records, Compliance of Law for these statutory books, and also includes the inspection by stake holders and preservation as well.

    5. SS-5: This section covers the part of all matters related to Minute. It includes recording, signing, dating, inspecting and preserving. This is the matter of much importance as keeping the minutes is essential and statutory compliance of law.

    6. SS-6: SS-6 is dealing with the procedure of transmission shares in case where nominee of shares is registered and the shareholder dies or goes insane or any other reason because of which he or she losses the capability of contract.

    7. SS-7: SS-7 is also quite important one as it covers the part where law is silent where law does not guide us what to do such as matters related to passing resolution by circulation, who is to propose the resolution, the mode of circulation etc.

    8. SS-8: This standard covers the very important thing The Signature of Company namely called as Common Seal Of Company. This standard deal with affixation of common seal.

    9. SS-9: It is related to forfeiture of shares, it includes procedure to be followed for forfeiture, circumstances where forfeiture is possible, authority for forfeiture, effect and adjustment regarding to forfeiture.

    10. SS-10: this standard is related to Boards reports it includes the practice of prepration of board report and presentation of that report as well.
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