Section 54 & 54F deduction available simultaneously?

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  1. Tejashwni Ram

    Tejashwni Ram New Member

    The Assessee has sold (1) 0ne flat which was self occupied (2) land . Now he has started the construction of a single residential house using the sale proceeds from (1) & (2). Here he wants to claim both (1) & (2) u/s : 54 & 54F respectively.
    My query is
    Whether the assessee can claim both the above (1) & (2) ie Sec 54 & 54F towards the construction of the single residential house.

    Would appreciate if you could give a valuable feedback

    Thanks in advance

    Tejashwini Ram
  2. Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma Active Member

    @Tejashwni Ram

    Yes, the assessee can claim exemption under both the Sections.
  3. Tejashwni Ram

    Tejashwni Ram New Member

    Hi ,
    Thanks for the reply.
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