Section 80D Deduction for Blood Test

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  1. bblalgupta

    bblalgupta New Member

    Dear sir

    i am a senior citizen and already have mediclaim policy with premium paid during fin yr 2014-15 Rs 6830/-.
    recently on the advise of doctors i underwent blood test /MRI Scan etc . Now my query is

    1. can i claim amount spent on tests under sec 80 D ,
    2. if yes , up to what amount in current year.


  2. Rahul

    Rahul Active Member

    Being a senior citizen, you are allowed a deduction of maximum 20,000 rupees u/s 80-D, for premium paid and also 5,000 rupees for preventive health checkup, but this is not in addition to 20,000 rupees

    So in your case you can claim deduction for Rs. 6,830 & for your expenses on other tests upto Rs.5,000

    For more info. refer here
  3. bblalgupta

    bblalgupta New Member

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  4. Rajesh Kumar Gupta

    Rajesh Kumar Gupta New Member

    You can pay upto 5000 even by cash for diagnostic tests.
  5. bblalgupta

    bblalgupta New Member

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