Section for exemption for NPS (mandatory investment by employee) .

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  1. AA91

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    My employer is deducting 10% of my Basic+DA (for eg. its Rs. 3500 approx.) every month from my salary and depositing that in my NPS account as mandatory employee contribution, along with employers contribution. Now, will that mandatory contribution of mine (i.e. Rs 3500x12=42000 approx.) be considered as contribution under 80C or 80CCD or anything else. Because, on basis of that I can determine, how much I need to invest in ELSS/PPF etc. to save tax. My last years form-16 says that the contribution is under 80C. But, I want to know, while filing tax this year, I'll have to consider this mandatory contribution of Rs. 42000 appr. as investment u/s 80C or 80CCD?

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