Service tax and income tax interaction

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  1. balu r k

    balu r k New Member

    I am freelance engineering consultant and providing services to corporate company. The company ask me to register for service tax for tax payment by me. I will be raising invoice of more than 10 laks per year. My questions are

    1) Since I am a single man , I hope, I will have to register as proprietary company. Pl correct me if I am wrong

    2) Since the onus of service tax payment is on me , whether net of earning after paying service tax will be treated as income and will I have to pay income tax as well?

    3) if so will I be allowed for any deduction that i will incur in providing services like travel, hotel charges etc ( as I am not staying in the same station) and preparation of training material as a consultant

    4) If the answer for 3 is "yes" ,is there any ceiling for such deduction and are there any vouchures to be certified by auditors

    5) since this job is not continuous in nature, in case in a FY i do not get any money, will the tax authorities insist on minimum amount?( presumptive tax). if so what is the minimum amount?
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