Service Tax at 3.09%

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  1. S.T. Nilekani

    S.T. Nilekani New Member

    One of the Travel Agency is conducting all india/international tours and tourists are booking their seats by paying amount fixed for particular tour and all tour expenses including To and Fro journey tickets are booked by them and Service Tax @3.09% is collected on Total tour fare. If the Tourist books his tickets himself then the ticket, such amount would be deducted from total tour fare and service Tax would be collected on entire amount tour fee. The Service Tax is collected on the tickets booked by IRCTC also.
    Hence, my doubt is when IRCTC tickets were charged by service tax then the question of paying service tax at 3.09% on total tour fare does not arise. S.T. should be collected on total tour fare excluding Ticket amount ( booked by tourist).
    pl clarify the same.
  2. rudrabose

    rudrabose Active Member

    Could you please clarify your query??

    In case of composite services provided by a tour operator, the service tax to be levied would be 3.09%.

    I may be able to give you more insights once the exact query is clear.
  3. If I understand correctly, since service tax is charged on the tickets, which is not part of the service you are providing, there is no need to charge ST on tickets.
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