service tax calculation for underconstruction house

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  1. Hema Rohith

    Hema Rohith New Member

    Hi team,
    We have booked a house and have confusion about service tax. so need to know how exactly the ST is calculated and the % of ST for under construction house.

    thanks & regards,
    Hema Rohith
  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    The base rate of service tax is 15%[i.e 14% +0.5% +0.5%]. Abatement has been provided Vide Exemption Notification no. 26/2012 to the extent of 70% of the service tax

    Thus, in nutshell the effective rate is 4.5% w.e.f 1.06.2016
    Prior to that it was 3.75 because the rate of exemption was 75%
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  3. Hema Rohith

    Hema Rohith New Member

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