Service Tax changed rates of interest

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  1. Sourav jindal

    Sourav jindal New Member

    Can you please tell me that what will be the interest on on earlier period defaults of service tax to be deposited now??? will new rates be applicable or the old rates will prevail??
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  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    There are 2 conflicting judgements in this regards, but logically whenever any provision of the Act is to be applied to any period then that provision is applied as it was at the time of that period.

    That is to say, for default of previous periods, the law which was applicable in that period should be applicable ,and for default which occurred when the provisions were amended would be governed by the amended law.

    You need to segregate the 2 defaults.
  3. Sourav jindal

    Sourav jindal New Member

    Thanks and Regards to you.
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