Service Tax Exemption for Senior Citizens on Under Construction Flats

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  1. R.K.Datta

    R.K.Datta New Member

    Is Service Tax applicable on under construction Homes for Seniors toal value less than Rs.20 lakhs ?
  2. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    Service Tax on Under Construction Flats is applicable on all flats except the following:-
    1. Construction of a Single Residential Unit
    2. For Under Construction Flats with area less than 60 sq ft carpet area & build under the Scheme of Affordable Housing.
    There is no specific exemption available for Senior Citizens or based on value of Flat.

    Therefore in case mentioned by you above, exemption from Service Tax would only be allowed if the carpet area is less than 60 sq ft
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