Service tax issue, changing status from non assessee to assessee & further tax deposition

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  1. manishk

    manishk New Member

    Dear Sir,

    I am a tour operator and have registered myself as a not assessee at A temporary number including my pan card number has been issued by the department. Now I want to change my status from non assessee to assessee. I want this change as many areas/services require a service tax number for further processes, my queries are:
    1- How can I change my status to a assessee?
    2- Is my non assessee registration number valid to be used for giving reference as a service tax registration number, where ever asked or required?
    3- how can I deposit service tax online ?
    4- which form has to be filled at to submit sevice tax by tour operators.

    Looking forward for your help, suggestions and co-operation.

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