Service tax no is mandatory or not

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  1. amrita.macd

    amrita.macd New Member

    Dear Sir,

    If am running 2-3 proprietorship firm and all are doing Business like :

    1 Firm turnover 8 lac
    2 Firm turnover 9lac
    3 Firm turnover 7lac
    4 Firm turnover 8lac

    Then in that above case is am liable for service tax.

    what will be the impact of my ITR,one more thing if am getting payment on my personal account without raising invoice then it will be add on my business or where.Please advice.
  2. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    You are liable to get registration.

    Extracts from Notification No. 33/2013 [SSP exemption]
    (vii) where a taxable service provider provides one or more taxable services from one or more premises, the exemption under this notification shall apply to the aggregate value of all such taxable services and from all such premises and not separately for each premises or each services; and

    (viii) the aggregate value of taxable services rendered by a provider of taxable service from one or more premises, does not exceed ten lakh rupees in the preceding financial year.

    My this post might be of some use
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