Service Tax on Home Delivery of Food not applicable

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  1. Prashant C

    Prashant C New Member

    Hi Karan, Can you please share copy of the letter again. Am not able to view or download the attachment. Alternatively you could mail it me if possible at [email protected]
  2. niraj1709

    niraj1709 New Member

    On which site we can log a complain regarding charged service tax on takeaway & home delivery.
  3. niraj1709

    niraj1709 New Member

    Can you please upload the file again, as we are not able to download.
  4. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    Try downloading the file on a different computer/ mobile.
  5. psem99

    psem99 New Member

    Unable to download attachment. What is the sanctity /authority of this letter of a Deputy Commissioner , anyway? Is there a ministry notification in this regard?
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  6. Sanskrita

    Sanskrita New Member

    Sir, but brands like dominoz are charhimg service tax on home delivery of food and that too on whole bill..
    Though the home delivery is free then why are they charging service tax?
    Is that wrong?
  7. Nikhil Sahu

    Nikhil Sahu New Member

    Uploaded image not accessible.
  8. ZED

    ZED Well-Known Member

    I have a copy but as mentioned in previous post, it has been withdrawn.

    Service Tax on Home Delivery.jpg
  9. Anugrah Mishra

    Anugrah Mishra New Member

    But there are so many restaurants who still charge service tax for home delivery orders too. what can be done on that
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