Service Tax on Mobile Advertisement in my Mobile App

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  1. Marcus

    Marcus New Member

    Thank you Akanksha.
  2. I agree with @rudrabose, it is better for you consult with Google!
  3. Marcus

    Marcus New Member

    I got confirmation from Adsense support that the service tax collected by Google Adwords is directly paid by Google to tax authorities in India, and is not passed on to the publisher.

    So, can we confirm that publishers do not have to pay tax for Adsense earning?
  4. If google themselves pay service tax, you need not to pay. Better get confirmation letter from them.
  5. RNs

    RNs New Member

    In Google Adsense, we can prove how much visitor and how much revenue generated from India and foreign countries. My 90% revenue comes from foreign advertisers. Should I have to pay service tax on 100% or on 10% of the revenue?
  6. RNs

    RNs New Member

    They've refused to give any confirmation later or canvat certificate
  7. urwithkarma

    urwithkarma New Member

    Hey guys Does anyone got the solution? Do i have to pay service tax? Or Google pay itself.

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