Service tax on Movers and Packers service

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  1. Mahi123

    Mahi123 New Member

    Team ,

    I just wanted to know what are the service taxes that can be applicable on a household items shifting within a city.

    lets say the total deal was made for Rs 10000. How much is the service tax payble on this.

    Also How can I know that the Mover and Packer company is paying the tax collected to government or not.

    Also how to know the service tax no of the company is correct or not ?
  2. haultips

    haultips New Member

    Major company charged 10% to 14%. It's quite difficult tom measure about their paying tax to govt. but you can ask them about the proper documentation for the relocation or shifting.
  3. Dion McDonough

    Dion McDonough New Member

    Hello, major company charges are 10%. I agree with you that we should ask for the documentation and paperwork while shifting. Last year my grandma was shifted to another city with the help of professional movers in nyc who provided her good service and helped her in managing staffs, their way of working was quality driven and provided all documentation work.
  4. johngotra

    johngotra New Member

    Everyone should ask about the paperwork before allowing any moving company to work for you and professional companies first do paperwork then enter in your home to shift things.
  5. gharett

    gharett New Member

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