Service Tax on Property wrongly paid on Completed Construction Property

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  1. Basudev Sarkar

    Basudev Sarkar New Member

    Hi All,

    Is this true that if a Apartment is completed and the Completion Certificate (CC) has been issued by the local Municipal Authority to the builder then service tax is not applicable for that property?

    If yes, then here is my query below:

    'Completion Certificate' for my new purchase flat / apartment was issued on 31st March 2014, by the local Municipal Authority, I had no idea that completion certificate was issued. Hence, unknowingly i had paid the service tax amounted for RS 65000 (appx) on 16th November 2014.

    Last week i got to know about the exception that if the completion certificate issued for a property then Service Tax is not applicable for the same.

    So, can anyone help me advising that can i claim back the money from the service tax department?
    If yes, then what is the appropriate procedure for the same.

    Appreciate your help in advance.

  2. Karan Batra

    Karan Batra Well-Known Member

    1. Yes, Service Tax is not applicable on Construction completed property and therefore it is not applicable in the above mentioned case.
    2. You should request your builder to refund you the Service Tax which you have wrongly paid.
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  3. Basudev Sarkar

    Basudev Sarkar New Member

    Thanks Karan..
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