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  1. amit1983

    amit1983 New Member

    I bought the property in Thane (Maharashtra) from Builder on 2nd Apirl 2016 at 5922000/- and builder charging the services tax @ 4.35% (30% of 14.5%) but I read the article in website every where shows 3.625% service tax will charge if property cost is below 1 crore. when i confront the builder he say from 1st Apirl 2016 govt announce the Flat services tax @ 4.35% (30% of 14.5%) for property cost is Above 1 Crore as well as Below 1 Crore.
    Can provide me article or link where i can get the right updated information regarding Service tax on property in Maharashtra.
    I don't know wheather my builder charging me right serivce tax or not. . Plz Help me .............
  2. jatinder

    jatinder New Member

    If property is under construction then only you are liable to pay ST.Else not.Yes ; builder is right .There is a flat ST now from April 1,16
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