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  1. Sir, I have purchased one flat the registration completed on 25.02.2015. The agreement for sale entered into in the month of May 2012. After registration of the flat, the promoter/vendor is requisitioning for payment of service tax. There was no mention of service tax in Sale Agreement of May 2012. Now, the promoter has registered his number for service tax on 17.03.2015. There was no claim in the demand letter given by the promoter during the period of 3 years( payment made in 5 separate installments as per agreed price).

    My question is whether in the instant case I have to pay/deposit service tax. In this connection, this for your kind information that although the possession certificate given by the promoter on 25.02.2015, he has written one line that physical possession will be given on 31.03.2015.

    Kindly advise whether in the instant case I have to pay service tax for the flat purchased by me. It would be very helpful if I get the details along with the rules in this regard.
  2. Sir waiting for reply
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