Service Tax on Total Amt or Amt above Rs. 10 Lakhs?

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  1. Parul_Gupta

    Parul_Gupta Active Member

    Could you please clarify which Income are you talking about?

    Earlier you wrote that you have paid Rs. 7 Lakh commission so that would be classified as an expense on which TDS has not been deducted. It is allowed to be claimed as an expense.

    Please guide on which income are you referring to in the above comment?
  2. immanuel

    immanuel New Member

    i received 9lks as a broker commission from that i have paid 7lks as a commission to a sub dealer
  3. You need to pay service tax only on the amount crosses Rs.10 Lakhs. Suppose if the turnover is Rs.11 Lakhs, you need to collect ST only on Rs.1 Lakh, not on the whole amount.
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