service tax payable amount in advertising

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  1. anand_impression

    anand_impression New Member

    hi, if a firm A engage in advertising work and scope of activity is-
    a. printing,preparing glow-sign boxes and do electrical fittings
    b. install at various location of its client outlets
    where material used in preparation &installation costs 80% and preparation and installation costs 20% of billing amount.
    so, will the billing be done? the service tax shall be charged ?
    3.material purchased and ready material supplied in a same state territory, VAT is required to charged or not?
    conditions: a. when billing address is in same state ,b.where billing address in other state.
    4.if exemption limit of Rs. 10 lakh crosses in mid of a financial year.and it pays the service tax on taxable amount of bill.But, in next year unfortunately it does not cross the 10 lakh limit.whether the firm will get the benefit of exemption again?
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